The AQuarius produces power virtually anywhere with a water source nearby using fresh water, salt water, or even grey water.



    The AQuarius operates 24/7/365 from the moment you add water.


    The AQuarius can be built in increments as low as 100KW or more without sacrificing efficiency (economical or mechanical).


    The AQuarius integrates multiple applications simultaneously, such as power generation, desalination, and water distribution.


    The AQuarius uses well-established “off the shelf” turbines and generators that provide a seamless interface with the electrical grid.


    The power density per acre rivals other coal, natural gas, and oil alternatives.


    It uses no fuel or combustibles.


    Deployable as a turnkey solution within 6 to 9 months of obtaining permits.


    Depending on the design, the operating life can span 60+ years.


    As the AQuarius uses no fuels or consumables, the cost stays virtually flat over 60 years.




  • Technology

    The AQuarius Power System is a land-based wave energy system with the potential to provide the world with unrestricted, unlimited, clean, affordable, base load energy. The AQ Power System consists of three main parts: the Wave Pool, the AQ Hydro Pump, and the Wave Maker. The Wave Maker generates a wave, and the Wave Pump produces hydropower by pumping water through a set of pistons as the “floats” move up and down with the wave motion. Our system uses the gravitational and buoyant forces acting on the displacement block to produce power as it moves up and down with the wave motion.

  • Typically a circular pool measuring 40 ft. in diameter, the Wave Pool can be an off-the-shelf above ground commercial swimming pool or a more permanent in-ground cement pool. Our standard design revolves around a 3-4 ft. wave regime; therefore, the minimum pool height would be 7 ft. (assuming the ratio between wave height to pool height is 2:1).

    The Wave Maker is a simple displacement block connected to a motor that moves the block up and down at a predetermined rate and height. This simple design takes advantage of the following scientific wave principles in order to generate and maintain waves at a certain height efficiently: waves are reflective; waves are additive; waves do not attenuate. The combination of these wave propagation principles is what we call the “pebbles in the pond principle”.

    The AQ Wave Pump has three basic components; the Buoyancy Block, the Lever Assembly, and the Piston Assembly. By applying a few established scientific principles (such as Archimedes’ Principle), the AQ Wave Pump uses a “buoyancy block” that floats up and down on water and forces one arm of the lever up and down as well. The lever assembly transfers the up and down motion of the Buoyancy Block to the pistons at the other end of the lever. The Piston Assembly pumps water (or any fluid) through the piston at a predetermined flow rate and pressure.

  • Comparison



    Texas and Louisiana based company

    We focus on assisting infrastructure developers and government organizations in providing affordable, environmentally-friendly technologies that can be integrated with their existing infrastructure requirements. We strive to build eco-conscious, self-sustaining communities that improve the quality of life for every individual. Through partnerships and strategic relationships, we provide a host of technological solutions—in addition to our own cost-effective proprietary baseload renewable energy system—that can be installed virtually anywhere on the planet with a nearby water source.

    Business Model

    Synergistic licensing + Joint ventures

    Our business model combines synergistic licensing of our technology and the creation of joint venture partnerships with owner/developers who wish to integrate and adapt our technology to complement their own visions. AQuarius Power provides the equipment and expertise necessary to enable a private developer or government organization the freedom to design, procure, and build a tailor-made energy system ranging from stand-alone power plants to power-producing projects with desalination as an added feature.

  • Profiles

    Meet the key team



      A successful entrepreneur, whose career has spanned a diversity of business activities, with a particular focus on the entertainment industry and philanthropy. Jake has a solid background in technology, IP licensing, corporate finance and risk analysis.



        As President of AQuarius Power, Inc., Robert Schuster has over 30 years of experience in introducing leading-edge products and telecom technologies into the marketplace as well as a proven record of driving greenfield companies to profitability.


        Board of Directors, General Counsel

          As general counsel, Robert Musemeche’s responsibilities include developing, organizing and directing AQuarius Power, Inc.’s legal functions and corporate governance.

          ALAN SEID

          Business Development — East Asia and Asia-Pacific Island Communities

            Alan Seid has held several senior governmental positions in the Asia-Pacific Island region, including Senator for Palau, President of APPU, and Director of the Board of the APIL.

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